In lieu of posting anything of literary merit, I’ve made an instructional video.  Have you ever found yourself hauling around various and sundry pieces of paper?  You’ve tried organizing them in folders, but over the course of their rainbow-hued lives, your folders have become ripped, dingy, and pitifully spineless.  How do you cope?  Or perhaps you’re a teacher and you’ve found the perfect short story or poem in a book but don’t have access to scanner/copier/printer.  How do you get copies of that perfect poem or super story to your students?


There is a fairly simple (if a bit expensive) solution to both these problematic scenarios.  If you’ve got access to a smartphone or tablet with a decent camera, you can take a picture of any document and convert it to a PDF.  OR (and this really is a big OR) you can take that same document and convert it to a piece of editable text.  The world is your Word Document!


View on to get an idea of how to do both things.  You’ll pardon the orchestral background music in the video.  Garageband (another outstanding app) was recently updated with strings and I had a little too much fun playing around with it.  🙂