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Poems by Heart (App Review)

Posted on May 23, 2013

Teaming up with app developer Inkle, Penguin Classics recently released an app called Poems by Heart.  It’s meant to help you memorize famous poems so you can recite them around friends, coworkers, and strangers either to impress, confuse, delight, or alienate them.  Check out my brief, hands-on video review of the app below:


On Poetry and Craft by Theodore Roethke

Posted on August 24, 2012

This book is somewhat of a departure from other books I’ve reviewed.  It’s hard to classify–something akin to a compendium of knowledge regarding the craft of poetry, essays on learning and teaching, and pithy aphorisms that seem to hold (like prismatic gems) dearly attained wisdom. On Poetry and Craft by Theodore Roethke Roethke is a pretty canonical poet.  If you’ve ever taken a 20th Century poetry course, you’ve probably come across a few of his poems: “My Papa’s Waltz” and “In a Dark Time” spring to mind.  You might be tempted to write Roethke off as a minor poetic figure who had a few hits (the poetic equivalent of 98 Degrees).  Don’t.  Roethke has a lot of exceptional things to say about both the…